Program Description

  • Our programming consists of supports designed to further develop the basic skills of the individuals including communication, anger management, conflict resolution, peer relationships and family issues. The additional community and professional supports guide further Service Planning to address specific and intensive issues such as grief and loss, group counseling, individual counseling, and resources to assist in the identification of mental health concerns.
  • Our program is also designed to support children and youth with varying degrees of trauma responses (high risk or challenging behaviors), those with impacting mental health issues and/or clients requiring support and nurturing to develop healthy and/or adaptive relationships. The program is guided by the Client-Centered and the Trauma Informed approaches. Additionally, the program will utilize the therapeutic philosophies of the Circle of Courage as guidance when working with Indigenous clients.
  • The focus of Sardion Care Inc. will be to prepare and ready our clients for success in a less intrusive setting such as a return to their natural family and/or foster or kinship care. Specific programming will be provided to the person served and guardian upon intake.
  • Cultural awareness and spiritual healing are crucial component to this program to assist in the stabilization and realizing their full potential.

Mission Statement

Sardion Care Inc. believes in : “The provision to provide a safe, stimulating and healing environment that gives children a sense of belonging, in conjunction with a quality services and supports that assists the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of all children.

Vision Statement

Through an informed transculturally based approach, Sardion Care Inc.'s vision is to ensure children and youth's personal empowerment to access meaningful available resources and support to grow their full potential: social, economic, mental and physical health well-being.

Beliefs and Values

Sardion Care Inc. believes in the importance of skilled and therapeutic approaches to stabilize the impact of trauma; enhance the self-worth and dignity of each individual; and promote healing of childhood neglect, abuse and /or grief and loss using holistic values. Our guiding principle is to involve a non-institutional holistic approach of joining family values, concrete healing modalities with unconditional acceptance and guidance in a group setting. Sardion Care Inc. is committed to giving children and youth in care a home that will provide for their physical, social, educational, emotional, medical, and cultural needs.

Some Of Our Services



We offer crucial support to children who have experienced trauma or difficult family situations.To provide a stable, nurturing environment where children can receive the care and attention they need to heal and thrive.



We provide opportunities for children in care to experience new adventures and create happy memories. These experiences can help build confidence, develop new skills, and form positive connections.


Road Trip

Road trips with can offer children a chance to bond, make new memories, and experience new places. These experiences can help create a sense of belonging and stability, building positive connections between children and society at large.



Children tend to use art as a way to express their feelings and cope with difficult situations.We can provide a safe and supportive environment for children to explore their creativity, promoting healing and emotional well-being.


Health Care

Access to quality healthcare is crucial for children's wellbeing. Regular checkups and preventative care promote healthy development, prevent illnesses and have long-term benefits for success.


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